LH: (Stock 2013 KTM 450 xc-f, no suspension changes needed) RH: (2012 KTM 500 exc, no suspension changes needed for the PDS shock setup)

LH: (Stock 2013 KTM 450 xc-f, no suspension changes needed)

RH: (2012 KTM 500 exc, no suspension changes needed for the PDS shock setup)


Precision. Quality. Simplicity.

UFO Snowbikes is proud to release the latest in Snowbike Technology! The UFO kit has 100% machined main components, a slip-together design, and uses your stock motorcycle shock with NO suspension changes needed, BUT for a better ride, valve/spring to your weight and riding style. (Think woods riding if valving for mountain riding and track riding if valving for ditch-banging/jumping!)

Using the Raptor Performance Piggyback track shock in combination with a stock motorcycle shock gives you a huge amount of suspension tuning. The progressive rate linkage suspension maintains your dirtbike “bottom-less” feel, and by using the stock pivot point in conjunction with a 100% billet Swingarm, gives the UFO a balanced, compliant ride down even the roughest trails. 

In Steep, thick country the UFO excels. Having a centralized pivot point allows the chassis to “break”, giving the rider the ability to finesse the bike more like your riding with wheels. It also allows more weight to be transferred off the ski on a steep sidehill. This gives the bike a more planted feel, and combining the chassis characteristics of the UFO kit with the specialized  Timbersled 10” Backcountry Snowbike Ski hugely limits ski push or wash. Tighter turning is also achieved because of the stock pivot point, giving you more confidence than ever when making a direction change on a steep hill or on the rough trail. The UFO kits suspension creates a “rolling” feeling when pounding through tree wells and bumps, and the fork action hugely benefits from the stock swingarm pivot point, preventing most bottoming issues with stock fork settings. 

Up front mounts a 100% machined, bolt-together spindle. The spindle's mounting system is unique in itself, allowing you to adjust the rake and change your handling characteristics in different snow conditions. What is also unique is there are no fork clamps around your stations; and in the event of a hard hit the spindle is engineered to roll back almost 4”, hopefully preventing damage to either forks or spindle. After the event of an impact, loosening up the spindle clamp bolts, rolling your spindle back into place, and tightening your bolts back up is all that should be needed to be riding again. This vastly limits the damage of a sudden impact.